About Us

Zing's History


Founded in 2013 by a group of like minded local musicians, Zing Productions had its beginnings with a community concert, a guitar teacher, 6 students, and a dream. Zing Productions is dedicated to bringing the arts to area residents by offering musical training, diverse entertainments and promoting performance opportunities for local talent of all ages. Zing Productions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with a mission that focuses on community, children, the elderly, and the underserved. The generous support and encouragement of the Danville community has enabled us to expand our programs to include: 

  • Music lessons for the community, especially children in need.
  •  The Stars Rising student performance troupe, providing opportunities of public performance, team building, and community service.
  • Live performances of 150 local talents from Classical to Honkytonk as far away as Colorado, Texas and Scotland at our Booth Theater.

The Booth Theater


The Booth Theater provides a "listening room" experience for both audience and performer. This versatile space has hosted such events as Showcase Recitals, Student Open Mic Nights, High School Karaoke, Summer Art and Music Camps, Music jams, Storytellers, Drumming circles,  workshops, lectures, and our popular Silent Film/Live Music Series. Our theater is an intimate setting that gives both the performer and audience an experience that is unique and truly special.

The Music Box


The Music Box Learning Center has blossomed to an enrollment of 70 students of guitar, piano, voice, percussion, and performance skills from beginners to advanced study. Programs include workshops for early childhood music, collaborations with  The Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit to provide a musical experience to children with emotional/behavioral disturbances, as well as music and arts programs for pre-K and day care centers in Central PA. With a current faculty of five, we continue to expand in reply to demand.  

Zing Music Scholarship Fund

Zing Music Scholarship Fund was established to provide any child with a desire to learn an instrument with the means to do so. Through the scholarship fund, eligible children are provided as needed instruments and one on one training. Through community contributions and Zing's fundraising efforts, 10% of our students are provided with the gifts of music and art that will last a lifetime. 

Stars Rising, student performance troupe
Stars Rising, student performance troupe

A Night at the Booth