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Zing Productions’ Learning Center, is located at 114 Mill Street in Danville, PA. Here we offer classes in voice, guitar and piano. Our students are of all ages, from as young as 3 to teens, to adults. Music and creativity have no age barriers! The students of The Music Box are offered encouragement and training to develop and share their artistic gifts.



Stars Rising

Stars Rising is a group of children from the ages of three to sixteen, who perform throughout the year as a troupe and individually at many venues and local events and festivals in Danville and surrounding towns. Most of these children are students of The Music Box.

Our Programs and Instructors

Beginning Guitar, Voice & Performance– Suzanne Walzer

Suzanne has been a wandering minstrel of sorts for most of her adult life. Her greatest joy is empowering people, especially children, to express their creative and musical talents. She believes that music and learning should be fun, and her many students can attest to that! Suzanne has been teaching guitar and voice to Danville area youths for many years, and plans to continue that tradition through Zing Productions.

C. Brian Crane
Without question, I was blessed when I met you over 25 years ago. Fumbling with chord changes on my guitar in the background, I watched you lead sing-a-longs. I listened, watched and experienced how your voice and smile could transform people who project themselves as serious, rigid and stern into silly, light-hearted, happy spoon players. I learned music is powerful. Music can make people happy. Music can bring people together. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift and sharing your song.

Zing Music Scholarship Fund

The Zing Music Scholarship Fund was established to provide any child with a desire to learn an instrument with the means to do so. Through the scholarship fund eligible children may receive an instrument, usually a guitar, as well as music lessons. Please contact us for more information about our scholarship fund. Your generous donation is tax deductible.

Please contact Suzanne Walzer with inquiries about the Scholarship Fund. We gratefully accept cash and in-kind donations, such as musical instruments, to support the musical enrichment of our Danville area youth.

Community Programs

Zing Productions is proud to be partnering with the Danville Arts Council on the 2015 Summer Concert Series. The concerts begin Tuesday, June 9th and run every Tuesday evening at 7pm through August 4th. Concerts are held in Memorial Park on Bloom Street in Danville. In case of rain, they will be held across the street from the park at Grove Presbyterian Church. Please visit the Danville Arts Council. to see the list of concert performers. Zing Productions is delighted to be part of this ongoing musical tradition!