The Booth Theater

TheBooth2The Booth Theater provides a unique opportunity for both the observer and performer. With its intimate setting, the performer plays to an audience that is actively listening during the entire performance. Most other venues provide music as a complement to the primary purpose of eating, drinking or catching up with friends. Music is in the background.

The Booth Theater turns this typical scenario on its head. The primary purpose is to enjoy and appreciate the music. Music is the focus.

This is an exciting challenge and opportunity for the performer. It is a platform for the musician to play more intimate and intricate pieces which otherwise would be lost in the bustle of a crowded bar. At The Booth, the audience is quiet, watching, thinking and listening. The performer is tasked with outing more thought, practice and disciple into their set. The result is the performers at The Booth tend to showcase their best.

For the listener, The Booth Theater brings the best of local performers to your lap. It’s a welcome break from the fast pace of the everyday. We invite you to share this experience with us!
Jeanne Shutt
I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed being at The Booth Theater on Saturday evening. I was so glad Vic Boris invited me. I had no idea there was such a creative place, such as you have at The Booth, anywhere in the area. It was a real treat!! Hope to be able to join you again.


The Booth hosts some of the best local talent on Friday and Saturday evenings. Check out our calendar for this month’s shows. Cover charge (except for special performances) is only $10, and we provide snacks. BYOB, and make it enjoyable evening out!

The Booth Theater - venue for rent

Looking for a space to hold a class or workshop? How about a unique venue for that special event or party? The newly renovated Booth Theater is a great venue for a class, workshop, or meeting. It's the ideal spot for a one-time special event or party, or regular weekly or monthly meetings. If you're interested in finding space for your event or group please give us a call at 570-912-2772 to discuss rates and arrange for a site tour.