Meet Zing

ZING! A musical fable.

Suzanne Walzer was first introduced to Danville, PA by her late husband, John Walzer. After John’s passing, Suzanne bought a motor home and took to the road. She traveled from town to town making music, spreading love and uplifting spirits. It’s her passion, and in her own words, “It’s why I’m here”.

She had been doing it for 10 years in both the states and abroad when she finally started to think about settling down. She wanted a permanent place to be, to serve, to share, to mentor youth, and to encourage adults who wanted to break out in song and to have a place to do it. Danville, PA was always one of the stops in her travels, and in 2010 she met John Brady.

Having grown up in Danville, John too had been traveling the globe gathering experiences in the performing arts with a hope of one day sharing the gifts given him with the community he always called home.

The meeting was inevitable.

The bells and whistles rang…The sky lit up…

And so it began.

Suzanne and John began dreaming of pulling folks together; friends, neighbors, family, and local talent to form an ensemble and produce a show. ZING! was born.

They had gifted adults, teens, and spirited youth, all sharing the same enthusiasm, all looking for a place to sing, dance, and make a joyful noise.

The kids loved it, parents delighted in it, the townsfolk said, “Give us more!”…So they did.

Suzanne pulled up her roots in Florida, and officially moved to Danville in 2012.

They mounted four shows that year, all well attended, with standing ovations. They surprised themselves with their abilities and passion and were hungry to do more.

In June of 2013 they opened THE MUSIC BOX at 114 Mill Street in Danville, a teaching studio for the performing arts, providing guitar, piano, and voice training. AND…in February of 2014 they unveiled their own performance space, THE BOOTH THEATER, at 116 Mill Street. It is a venue for community gatherings of all kinds. A place for live music, an ongoing Silent Movie Series, workshops and enrichment programs.

They have created a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, ZING Productions, with the goal of providing scholarships and mentoring programs to teach and inspire both kids and adults that may not have the means to be exposed to the healing powers of music, as well as a place where local talent can showcase the magic of their artistic endeavors.